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Bilateral relations


Bilateral relations

Italy and Slovenia, neighboring and friends countries, can count on strong historical, political, economic, commercial, cultural and military ties, which today also find a common field of action within the European Union.

With a bilateral trade of over 6 billion euros a year, Italy is Slovenia’s second trading partner and the fourth investor in the country. In turn, Slovenia is among the top ten of our trade partners by per capita values, firmly in eighth place, just behind Switzerland and before other important partners such as China, India, and Brazil.

On a cultural level, according to many surveys, Slovenia is among the top twenty countries in the world, in absolute terms, for number of Italian-speaking students (1/140 inhabitants), and according to the Eurobarometer, Italian language is spoken by about 8% of Slovenians.

Academic collaboration is also extremely vibrant, with almost 50 inter-university agreements in place.

The Italian minority in Slovenia and the Slovenian minority in Italy deserve a special mention, as they are increasingly acting as a bridge between the two countries, also in terms of economic and commercial development.